• Conservatorship of Estate (Fiduciary)
  • Conservatorship of Person (Medical)
  • Veteran Administration Fiduciary Assignment
  • Executor of Estate Assignment
  • Personal Money Management
  • Social Security Representative Payee Assignment
  • Title XIX Application Assistance
  • Bill Pay Assistance for Seniors/Disabled

CFS assists all its clients in the application and appointment process. We will walk you through all the paperwork and submit it to court on your behalf. CFS protects your loved one from not paying their bills, not paying their bills, financial scams, creditors, and overbilling by companies.

Any information obtained is strictly confidential. Call today and schedule a free 1 hour consultation to see how we can help you manage your finances.


Connecticut Fiduciary Services provides the Following Services to all of it's Client's

  • Creating and Maintaining A Budget
  • Reviewing Client's Mail
  • Manging accounts payable
  • Balancing Client's Personal & Savings Checking Account   Quick Books type of system
  • Monthly and Quarterly Client Statements
  • Redetermination Reports
  • Periodic Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Final Accounting Report
  • Hospital: Give authorization to Doctor, Anesthesiologist, Nurse and hospital staff  to give authorization to treat. Have meetings and conferences on the client's behalf.
  • Banking
  • Social Security Administration register as  Representative Payee
  • Department of Social Services  register as Representative Payee
  • Review Snap Benefits, Cash Assistance,  Husky Medicare benefits  & QMB Medicare
  • Negotiate past due bills or collection agencies on the client's behalf.


 Other  Services

  • Personal Money Management
  • Title 19 Applications  Complete application until a decision has been rendered by Department of Social Services.
  • Grocery Food Shopping (No Client Present)
  • Appointments
  • Visit Client @ Residence, Rehabilitation Facilities, Hospital, Long Term facility
  • Wills
  • Trust
  • Accident Litigation
  • Obtain Funeral Contract
  • Executor of Estate Assignment.