Reginald Finno

Connecticut Fiduciary Services Founder and Director of Operations is Reginald P. Finno, a 16 year law enforcement officer with the City of Waterbury Connecticut. Mr. Finno has a background in accounting, fraud investigation, interrogation, reports and application writing.

  • A Full Time Fiduciary and Conservator Company registered in the State of Connecticut.
  • Has been in the Fiduciary, Advisory, and Conservator Service business since October of 2014.
  • A Fiduciary, Advisory, and Conservator Company
  • Insurance policies are valid and current.
  • Prides its self on the fact that the company is BIG enough to Service all of your financial matters but SMALL enough to remember your name.

Connecticut Fiduciary Services is a Professional Financial Adviser, which services private investors,Financial investments  with monthly, quarterly and roll over type(s) of investment account.

  • Responsible
  • Reliable 
  • State Registered          
  • Fully Insured
  • Committed To Excellence
  • Affordable