Our Company

We at Connecticut Fiduciary Services (CFS) are committed to serving all your fiscal needs. Our experience and knowledge in the world of conservatorship, estates, and finances allow us to provide you and your loved ones with exceptional, professional and personalized service. Being a Probate Court appointed Conservatorship Agency makes us well versed in the legal process for management of personal estates.

Our clients range from those more vulnerable members of our community to young adults and the elderly. Many of the individuals we serve have families that live out of state and need help with managing their day to day finances; some may have no living family members to care for them; families with disputes to the estate of a deceased family member and/or individuals with mental disabilities that limit their ability to manage their own finances.

At Connecticut Fiduciary Services, LLC, we are known for providing our clients with personalized and efficient services that help ease the burdens of everyday life. We are registered, licensed and insured to work in the state of CT and work closely with local attorneys, trust officers, homes for assisted living, and residential care managers to provide comprehensive services to all our clients.